Assorted Colors Reversible Cap Vial 13 Dram - 275 Units/box

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Bio Hazard Sku RC13-MX


Reversible Cap Vials may be the most versatile item for marijuana packaging within any collective or dispensary. The name is derived from the fact that the cap is multifunctional. One way has a Push-Down and Turn mechanism which adds security. By flipping the cap over, it transforms the item into a screw-top container, enabling easy and simple opening. Reversible Cap Vials are ideal for keeping medication moisture resistant while remaining odor proof.

• Price per Unit: $0.09
• Units Per Box: 275
• Size: 13 Dram
• Capacity: 2 Grams
• Diameter: 1 1/4"
• Height: 2 5/8"
• Color: Assorted Colors



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