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3D-Printed DabVac Universal Male Bio Hazard Inc

3D-Printed DabVac Universal Male - Assorted Colors

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Bio Hazard Sku SLD-20161-MX


A DabVac can turn any female joint piece into a dab rig. Each DabVac comes with a glass dish, wand, and latex hose. Simply heat the wand, place it into the dish and inhale. The vapor that would otherwise be lost is pulled through the hose and back into the DabVac acting as a reclaim. All the pieces of the 3D-printed DabVac are totally interchangeable and replaceable.

• Size: Univesal Male
• Material: 3D-Print
• Type: Waterpipe Adapter
• Colors: Blue, White, Orange, Green, Glow-in-the-dark, Black, Yellow, Red, Purple & Gray
• Printed in the USA



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