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21 packs of beeline hempwick Bio Hazard Inc

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Beeline 21 OG packs-case/carton (9ft/pack)

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Bio Hazard Sku HW-B-21-9


A regular case contains 21 packs of Beeline hemp string (each nine feet long)
Perfect for sharing with friends and thoughtful, tasteful smokers.
Beeline organic hemp string is coated with natural bees wax, burning significantly cleaner then a traditional lighter.
Studies show that the burning of non organic substances (like butane) can lead to serious lung, heart, liver, and kidney problems, even damage to the brain and spinal cord.

Beeline is a natural alternative to butane lighters and matches. Bee Line is made using only 100% organic hemp string, which is dipped into 100% organic beeswax.
Beeline is a multi-purpose product, made from two ancient renewable resources straight from Mother Nature.
Beeline is used as a flame source, to light the smoking product of your choice. First time users will notice a truer taste in their smoke.
Whether you choose to smoke fine cigars or medicinal herbs you will appreciate the positive effects of Beeline vs a butane lighter.

•21 pack
• 9 ft each pack
• Beeswax HempWick



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