• Visiting a Dispensary for the first time

    Visiting a Dispensary for the First Time

    Recreational cannabis consumption has been sweeping the nation, with 6 states of the country elected to use recreationally with plenty more on their way as they enjoy medical consumption. When you are ready to go out and explore the exciting world of recreational cannabis, it’s definitely good to know a few tips about entering a dispensary. Many are inexperienced from when the medical dispensaries were still around, so going into a recreational dispensary may be intimidating to some. There is information and regulations to keep in mind that can give you a pleasant and even faster experience at the local recreational dispensary that you visit. Continue reading

  • Using Diffusion for a Smoother Hit

    Bongs and Glass water pipes

    Glass Water pipe Diffusion

    Glass water pipe diffusion is an essential characteristic many glass blowers (and their customers) look for. The harsh feeling that one experiences from taking a particularly big rip is definitely a feeling not desired by many. To combat this intensity, many glass blowers strategically devise methods for increased smoke diffusion.

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  • Vaping Coils

    Vaping marijuana the different types of vape coils you can buy

    Vape Coils and the Different Types You Can Buy

    In the world of extract vaporization, vape pens have become largely popular among the public. For its simplicity, discreetness, and flavor power, oil pens are continuing to grow in sales. With oil vape pens, an important aspect to consider when purchasing honestly is the type of coil that you may need. When it comes to vape pens, there are two main categories of coil: quartz and ceramic. Both have their individual pros and cons and your choice will merely depend on personal preference.

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