• Legalization Vs. Decriminalization: Marijuana


    All Marijuana supplies are at bio hazard inc we carry everything needed for Dispensarys and Smoke Shops Fine line in the Marijuana industry

    Bio Hazard is a wholesale distributor of all things marijuana related. We are a great resource for emerging recreational and medical dispensaries who are in need of bulk marijuana accessories and supplies. Having been around for nearly ten years now, we have partnered with smoke shops and dispensaries all around the country, so we are well-versed in the ebbs and flows of the market which can be at times volatile and unpredictable, as it is a politically charged topic and enterprise. With our affordable pricing and intentional variety of inventory, we are proud to be a vanguard of the commercial cannabis industry. Continue reading

  • Why Our Wholesale Dab Rigs Are Helping The Cannabis Industry’s Future

    Dab Rigs Thousands of unique dab rigs all at wholesale prices

    For several years and counting, no longer is medical marijuana consumption limited to the old-school methods of smoking joints and basic glass pipes. Now, a host of cannabis extracts and concentrates derived through a variety of extraction methods are beginning to dominate the medical marijuana and cannabis industry. Continue reading

  • Marijuana Vs. Alcohol Consumption: Breaking Down The Argument

    Marijuana packaging and the effects it has in the Alcohol world Marijuana Packaging Vs Alcohol Packaging

    Bio Hazard is your one stop shop for all accessories and supplies for dispensaries and smoke shops. If you are a shop owner or perhaps looking to become one, you are the reason we at Bio Hazard has grown so much over the past ten years. Another contributor to our success is the partial legalization of marijuana throughout the U.S. Today’s post is going to be dedicated towards cannabis and the morality of its legalization. But before we dive in, let’s explore some of the wholesale marijuana accessories and products we are proud to offer our clients over here at Bio Hazard, which includes wholesale smoking pipes and other bulk marijuana dispensary supplies. Here are just a few of our products: Continue reading

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