We at Bio Hazard Inc. offer our clients with a vast range of medicinal packaging products along with wholesale smoke shop supplies. Our purpose is to provide our customers with the one stop shop experience for all humidity packs in a resourceful and an effectual way.

humidity packs allow our clients to retain the freshness, potency, vigour and purity of marijuana like never before. With the advanced and innovative two way humidity control, the technology that altered the cigar industry is now perfect for maintaining the optimal relative humidity of your herbs. Humidity packs are available in multiple sizes, ensuring you find something ideal and apt for your storage container. Place the pack in with your marijuana and it will begin to keep a check on its surroundings, adding or removing moisture to maintain the perfect humidity. We request our customers to try out these humidity packs and soon they will see the noticeable changes like the enhanced colour, texture, taste and potency of your cannabis.

Humidity packs come in a variety of different sizes and relative humidity (RH) levels, allowing the clients to find something that is suitable according to their requirements. There are two factors to be kept in mind while choosing a humidity pack- the size of your container and the optimal humidity level for your herbs. Humidity packs currently come in five different relative humidity levels- RH 62%, RH 65%, RH 69%, RH 72% and RH 75%. The optimal RH level will depend on the client’s personal choice and the type of herb being used by them. RH 62% is generally considered ideal for storing cannabis. Maintaining your herbs at the optimal RH level provides numerous benefits. Not only these humidity packs are ideal for curing but they also enhance the freshness, potency and colour of your herbs.

We are centrally located in Los Angeles but we serve our clients all over U.S.A. We are considered as one of the most reputed and renowned wholesalers. Since, we understand the needs and requirements of our clients, so we try to serve to the needs of our customers in the best possible way by providing them with a huge variety of products so that they have numerous options to make their choices from.  We specialise in providing
humidity packs at reasonable and affordable prices. We promise our clients with the best and excellent service that clients always look for. We take pride in our customer service and guarantee 100% satisfaction on every purchase.