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5 Panel Test Kit - THC/COC/MET/OPI/AMP

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Bio Hazard Sku DTX-01170


Test for all things undesirable with the 5 Panel THC/COC/MET/OPI/AMP Test Kit.This test kit is an immunochromatographic assay for rapid, qualitative detection of drugs and their principal metabolites in urine at specified cut-off concentrations. Made in the USA, this easy to use test kit are over 99% accurate and will give you trustable results in minutes!

• Type: Dip Card or Cassette Test Strip

• Phencyclidine - 25 ng/ml
• Marijuana - 50 ng/ml
• Cocaine/Benzoylecgonine - 300ng/ml
• Barbiturates - 200ng/ml
• Benzodiazepines - 300ng/ml
• Methadone - 300ng/ml
• Opiates/Morphine - 2000ng/ml
• Methamphetamine - 500ng/ml
• Amphetamine - 1000ng/ml



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