12" Waterpipe

Clear w/ Slyme Green

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Brought to you by the creative minds at Biohazard INC., this 12" waterpipe is made from borosilicate glass, which is highly resistant to thermal expansion. The width of the neck is 45mm in diameter. The opening of the mouthpiece is 35mm wide. The joint is female with a 17mm opening. The density of the glass is 5mm thick. 

This piece is crystal clear but the neck contains the BIOHAZARD logo in Slyme green. This waterpipe comes with a downstem that has been diffused. The downstem itself has both a male and female part. The base of the downstem is male and fits comfortably into the female joint. The apex of the downstem is female and is going to fit the male bowl--included--perfectly. Where the top of the beaker meets the base of the neck is one maria that adds some character to the overall piece but also allows the user to firmly grasp the waterpipe without worrying about the piece slipping out of their hand. 

The diffused downstem is going to filter out any contaminants from the smoke. The mouthpiece has a wide opening and a lip on it that allows the user to press their mouth against the piece with maximum comfortability. The water reservoir can hold plenty of water. 

The design of this waterpipe is simple but contains beauty and elegance. This piece looks great inside of a lit-up display case. The transparent green color is pretty and sure to catch the attention of customers looking for a functional piece that also has a slick look to it. 

This is a wonderful piece that easily integrates well with other glassware of similar use. Purchase today at a wholesale price and beautify any display case that needs a little bit of love. 

  • Height: 12"
  • Color: Clear w/ Slyme Green 
  • Base: Beaker
  • Diameter of Mouth Opening: 35mm
  • Width of Neck: 45mm
  • Glass Density: 5mm 
  • Downstem and Bowl Included

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