Gas Mask

Black Bat Cover w/ Silver Accents

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This Black Bat Cover Gas Mask is made from several materials: latex rubber, acrylic, and aluminum.

This smoking device is comprised of two masks. The first layer is a gas mask made of latex rubber. The interior of the mask has a rubber straw that the user draws in smoke from. There are four rubber straps attached to the gas mask which affix to the user’s head. The straps can be adjusted so that the mask fits as snugly as the wearer desires. A plastic Batman-like mask is attached to the exterior of the gas mask giving it a sinister look. The brow, ears, and cheeks have been accentuated with silver. An acrylic water pipe that measures 11.75” in height attaches to the gas mask.

With the water pipe attached to the gas mask, and the gas mask firmly attached to the user’s head, they can smoke without holding the water pipe. They still need to use their thumb in order to use the carburetor, though. This piece allows the user to hot-box it within the mask itself.

This is a unique item that combines the fantasy world with that of the smoker’s world. The Black Bat Cover w/ Silver Accents is a fun novelty that is sure to entertain a group of smokers at a party or simply just provide a single user with a different type of smoking experience.


  • Height: 22"
  • Color: Black, Blue
  • Base: Round
  • Material: Latex Rubber, Acrylic, Aluminum

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