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2-Pack Peach Tree Rollies

20 Count

SKU: 80-30159

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Brought to you by King Palm, these rollies are made from Cordia palm leaves. 

These rollies each hold a half gram of flower and slowly burn while being smoked, which is essential for any smoker. Whether you're taking a few hits or smoking the whole rollie, these wraps are going to allow the smoker to enjoy their entire session without having to rush. 

These rollies have been infused with Peach flavored terpenes which are going to alter the flavor of what you're smoking, ultimately enhancing your smoke session. These wraps are tobacco-free; they come pre-rolled, so all the user needs to do is pack them--no rolling needed. 

Any smoker who prefers wrapping their flower instead of using a bowl or water pipe would gravitate towards this product. Not only are they easy to use, but each rollie has a flavor activator that, when popped, tastes like Peach. 

These rollies are high quality, yet they are inexpensive. Each box comes with twenty packs, each pack containing two Peach terpene rollies. 


  • Brand: King Palm
  • Flavor: Peach Tree
  • Two Rollies per pack
  • 20 packs per box

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