MONSTER DAB Mini Pneumatic Rosin Press - 10 Ton

4" x 6"

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Using a Monster Dab Rosin Press is one of the most cost-effective and cleanest ways to create your cannabis extracts. Completely solvent-less and Non-Volatile, the Monster Dab 10-Ton Rosin Press is much more affordable than closed loop systems. This 10 Ton pneumatic press uses the power of a 10 ton electric powered hydraulic piston in conjunction with heated plates to press rosin concentrate from your herbal blends. It is a much healthier and safer option than using Butane and other solvent-based volatile methods of extraction. Both heating plates are independently controlled for more flexibility. The built in Hydraulic powered compressor eliminates the need for purchasing an additional air compressor!

Just set the appropriate temperature and press time that gives you the best yields for your product. Depending on the type of material you are pressing we recommend trying different pressures levels throughout the pressing process. The Pressure knob is located on the bottom left corner of the rosin press face. The knob is located directly to the left of the pressure gauge. This knob can be turned counter-clockwise to decrease pressure. Turning the knob clockwise will gradually increase pressure allowing the full engagement of the 10 ton hydraulic system. We recommend that you try different temperatures, pressures, and time lengths to find the best settings for your product. We generally recommend using temperatures between 170-220 degrees Fahrenheit( 76-104 Degrees Celsius) and 50-120 seconds on the timer.

As a general rule of thumb, Lower temperature plates will usually result in a higher flavor/terpene profile, but less yield. Your finished product is more stable (butter-like/honey consistency) and has a higher chance of maintaining the clear golden color that is so highly sought after. The higher temperatures of the plates will start to degrade the flavor/terpene profile in the finished product. However, higher temperatures tend to secrete more rosin from the plant material, thus resulting in a Higher yield, with your finished product being less stable (sap-like consistency).

Another important variable to take into account is the Micron size of the nylon bag being used during the pressing process. The Higher the micron, (or “Micro Millimeter") the larger the holes in the nylon bag. 180 micron rosin bags will let some unwanted fats, lipids, and plant matter to escape the nylon bag. This will result in a higher yield and less-stable rosin. Where as the 45 micron bag with substantially smaller holes will result in a very high quality rosin with less of a yield.

• Monster Dab Electric Rosin Press
• 10 tons Hydraulic Air Press
• No Additional air compressor needed
• 4" x 6" Steel Plates
• Independently controlled Steel Heating Plates
• Pressure Control Knob
• Display modules for temp and time settings

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