Tarik+Rosin "T-Rex" Oil Extractor

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Get into the world of oil extraction with the Tarik Rosin "T-Rex" Oil Extractor. This highly innovative and easy to use at home oil extraction machine provides the convenience of extracting the oils from your flower without the solvents or risks. All you have to do is wrap your flower with parchment paper (never wax paper), place it on the T-Rex plate then close and hold for about 10 seconds. After these easy steps you will see the oils on the paper which can be easily gathered with a dab tool. With the Tarik Rosin, you can control your medicine and know that it is truly solventless…no butane…no propane…no co2. This awesome product is ideal for smoke shops!

• Brand: Tarik+Rosin “T-Rex"
• Power: 200W
• Includes: User’s Manual and Power Cord
• Color: Black and Green

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