BIO Glass

Inline 90 Degree Grid Bubbler

12" - 14mm - Various Colors

SKU: 10-60086

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Add some glitz to your collection with the Gold or Silver Decal 12" Inline 90 Degree Grid Bubbler! This appealing 12" standing bubbler is designed with extreme smoothness is mind. It's single inline 90 degree grid percolator is engineered to dissipate harsh smoke and provide an more pleasurable experience. Made as a standalone tabletop bubbler, this handy piece can also be outfitted with a nail for dabbing if you so choose.

  • Made In USA
Brand: Bio Glass
Colors: Gold, Silver
Material: Borosilicate Glass
Percolator: Inline
Height Size: 12 Inches
Joint Size: 14mm
Joint Type: Female
Downstem Size: N/A
Diameter: 50mm
Glass Thickness: 5mm

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