Clear Glass Vials

120mm - 22mm

144 Count

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Order wholesale and package and seal your preroll joints or blunts in these high quality 120mm Clear Glass Vial Tubes!

When paired with a compatible 22mm cap, these glass vials will protect preroll joints and blunts from being crushed or torn as your customers check out your selection of prerolls and carry purchases from your smoke shop or dispensary back home.

The clear glass and uniform shape make this perfect for custom branding or for applying compliance labels.

Contact Biohazard Inc Private Label & Custom Packaging to have your brand's logo applied to this product before receiving your shipment! Customers will be able to see your carefully prepared prerolls along with your brand's promise of quality and satisfaction.

22mm Caps sold separately.

Material Glass
Surface Finish Gloss
Color Clear
Length 120mm
Circumference in
Bottom of vial to bottom of cap mm

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