5" Toothpick Glass Dabbing Tool

Fickle Pickle

SKU: 50-30504

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This dabbing tool is 5" in length. It's made out of glass. 

This piece resembles a sword with an attached handguard. From the point to the hilt there are two maria rings. The pickle resides in the hilt and takes the place of the grip. The pommel is a yellow spherical shape. 

This dabber is a great tool to use when handling sticky concentrates. You will no longer have to worry about losing your valuable product because of it sticking to your fingers. 

This dabbing stick is practical but because of its design, it has character and is fun to use. This pickle definitely is fickle: it doesn't know whether or not it wants to be your friend or enemy. It may be holding up a flower as an offering to anyone who it wants to befriend, however, its facial expression is one that exhibits reluctance and caution. 

This is an interesting piece because of its silly design. Those with an interest in zany things are sure to be interested in this piece once it captures their attention.


  • Height: 5"
  • Material: Glass
  • Colors: Clear, Yellow, Green, Black, White

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