INTEGRA BOOST™ Two-Way Humidity Packs

55% - 67g

12 Count

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$1.83 / Unit
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Preserve your botanicals with the Integra Boost™ 55% 67g 2-way Humidity Control Pack, manufactured for precise control over humidity in containers. These packets are perfect for maintaining the freshness of product in large dispensary jars that are constantly being reopened throughout the day.

They feature patented 2-way humidity control technology that eliminates humidity variance to prevent oil, character and flavor loss due to slight changes in humidity.

Integra Boost Humidity Packs help to extend the shelf life and quality of your products. Each humidity pack is individually wrapped and comes with its own replacement indicator card that indicates when a replacement is necessary.

Integra recommends the 67g pack for preserving up to 16 ounces or 1 lb of product.

Extend the shelflife of your products and provide only the freshest, most potent flower to your customers!

  • Durable and puncture resistant overwraps
  • Food grade, non-transferable ink
  • Replacement indicator card included with each packet
  • Salt-free, FDA approved

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