INTEGRA BOOST 2-Way Humidity Packs

62% - 4g - 100 Count

SKU: HPI-62-4-100

$0.30 / Unit
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Ensure that your flowers never decay or go stale again with the premium Integra Boost Humidity Packs. These expertly engineered humidity packs are made for placing inside your flower container to create optimal humidity levels. Too much humidity means your flowers will develop mold, and too little humidity dries them out for a harsh smoke. With these packs, humidity levels stay at an optimal 62% per every two grams in a contained environment.

Boost Humidity Packs are salt-free and FDA approved. Packs includes a Replacement Indicator Card that lets you know to replace the pack when the dot on the card turns bright blue.

• $0.29 Unit Price
• 100 Units
• Replacement Indicator Card included
• 62% humidity level per 4g

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