8" BIO Detachable Dab Rig 14mm

SKU: BUB-06078
This 8" tall Bio Rig consists of 6 pieces an ash catcher, 3-sided T-shaped joint, reclaim, mouthpiece, dome, and nail. You can use the showerhead ash catcher by itself with your favorite piece or assemble all the pieces together to create your own oil rig. The beautifully made glass components and the flexibility of having detachable parts makes this one of our most popular pieces. Nail and dome may vary depending upon availability

• Height: 8"
• Size: 14mm
• Material: Glass
• Style: 6 pc Detachable Ash catcher Rig
• Type: Concentrate Pipe
• Color: Clear
• Includes: Glass or Titanium Nail with a Dome or a Domeless Ceramic or Titanium

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