Child Resistant

Pop Top Pre-Roll Plastic Tubes

116mm - Opaque Blue - 1000 Count


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These Plastic Opaque Red Child Resistant Preroll Tubes come in a case of 1000 pop-top joint tubes. These are a convenient, cost-efficient storage solution for prerolled joints, blunts and in some cases, vape cartridges.

These ASTM child resistant pre-roll tubes lock in herbal freshness, as well as preventing any unwanted odors from escaping.

Along with meeting the ASTM child resistance standards, these tubes are a snap to open for adults, taking advantage of a strategic squeeze top design.

Being simple, discreet 116mm plastic tubes, they’re ideal for dispensaries and your customers will be able to reuse them as storage for handrolled joints and blunts at home.

There are ridges around the top of this joint tube under the pop-top closure that indicate where the tube should be squeezed in order to open it with the pop-top function. Therefore, we recommend limiting the length of the labeling to 105 mm.

Material: Plastic
Capacity: Prerolls/Joints/Blunts
Color: Opaque Blue
Compatible Cap Size: Pop Top
Total Height (with cap): 117 mm
Total Height (without cap): 116 mm
Neck Height: n/a
Body Height: 116 mm
Inner Diameter: 17 mm
Top Diameter: 18.5 mm
Bottom Diameter: 17.25 mm
Top Outer Circumference: 63 mm (2½ in.)
Bottom Outer Circumference: 62 mm (2⁷/₁₆ in.)
Recommended Max Label Size (mm) W x H: 60 mm x 105 mm

The recommended maximum label dimensions provided above are meant to be used as a guideline only. Please first consult with your label producer and provide the specifications and dimensions above in order to create a visually appealing package design. If you would like for more of your product to be visible, please consider reducing the recommended label height or recommended label width.

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