Push & Turn Vape Cartridge White Tubes w/ White Caps

78 mm - 600 Count

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These plastic vaporizer cartridge tubes are a nice option for cartridge packaging with a child resistant lid. One order of this product includes 600 white plastic tubes with 600 matching child resistant white plastic caps.

The measurement included on the title of this listing refers to the length of available space within the container when the cap is attached. Cartridges that are less than 78 mm in length will fit into these tubes. Cartridges should not exceed 15 mm in diameter.

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Compatible with:

  • Fits Verified Carts - 0.5ml and 1ml glass cartridges (VAP-VC1)
  • Fits VAP-GC7 carts - 0.5 and 1ml ceramic coil cartridges (VAP-GC7)
  • Fits VAP-FC1 carts - 0.5ml and 1ml full ceramic carts (VAP-FC1)
  • Any Cartridge smaller than 75mm x 16mm
      Material: Plastic
      Capacity: Cartridges
      Color: White/White
      Compatible Cap Size: n/a
      Total Height (with cap): 83 mm
      Total Height (without cap): 78 mm
      Neck Height: 9 mm
      Body Height: 69 mm
      Inner Diameter: 17 mm
      Top Diameter: 22.5 mm
      Bottom Diameter: 22.5 mm
      Top Outer Circumference: 75 mm (3 in.)
      Bottom Outer Circumference: 75 mm (3 in.)
      Recommended Max Label Size (mm) W x H: 73 mm x 65 mm

      The recommended maximum label dimensions provided above are meant to be used as a guideline only. Please first consult with your label producer and provide the specifications and dimensions above in order to create a visually appealing package design. If you would like for more of your product to be visible, please consider reducing the recommended label height or recommended label width.

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