Child Resistant & Tamper Evident

Matte Black Mylar Bags

3" x 4" - 1 Gram - 250 Count

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These Matte Black Mylar Bags come in a bulk pack of 250 units and each bag can hold approximately 1 Gram of flower. Each bag also has have a tear notch cut into both sides above the zipper seal to provide convenience to customers opening your product.

They measure approximately 3 inches wide by 4 inches tall and can be sealed by applying pressure to the child resistant ziplock closure. They are also ideal for tamper proofing containers for wax, dabs, and oil concentrates. When used properly, this packaging provides a safe, smell proof storage and transport solution for your dispensary and your customers.

These Mylar Bags are child resistant and can be made tamper evident with a heat sealer.

Capacity: 1 Gram
Color: Black
Closure: Zipper
Child Resistant: Yes
Tear Notch: Yes
Vista: No
Gusset: No
Finish: Matte
Edge Design: Straight with Rounded Corners
Total Width: 2⅞ in.
Total Height: 4½ in.
Inner Width: 60 mm (2⅜ in.)
Inner Height: 75 mm (3 in.)

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