CBD + CBG King Palm Hemp PreRolls 2 pack

Watermelon Wave - 20 Count

SKU: 80-20166

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This display box contains 20 two-packs of DR. HEMP's pre-rolls with releasable terpenes at the end of the filter tip and an all-natural corn husk filter.

The squeeze and pop mechanism is easy to use and delivers rich flavor. These hemp palm rolls provide a flavorful and enjoyable experience by combining CBD and CBG.

CBG is a minor cannabinoid that has been found to have potential physiological benefits for medical marijuana patients.

DR. HEMP sources 100% USA grown hemp and uses a CO2 extraction process that removes unwanted pollutants without removing natural compounds.

  • Brand: DR. HEMP
  • Flavor: Watermelon Wave
  • 20 count of 2 packs
  • CBD + CBG

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