FlicWic I-Tal Hemp Wick Dispenser - 18 Count

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The FlicWic is the ultimate hemp wick dispenser. Its ergonomic design fits beautifully in the hand while its fine finish resists dirt and soot. A Mini-Bic lighter (not included) fits within the FlicWic and can be easily replaced. Each FlicWic is equipped with a hand wound spool of the original I-Tal Hemp Wick. When the spool is gone, simply replace it with a new pre-wound refill. The FlicWic's guide tube allows complete control over flame intensity while its thumbwheel gives smooth, easy control to put it exactly where it's needed. When the flame has done its duty simply retract the wick into the tube to snuff out the flame without hassle or mess. FlicWic, burn gently.

• Price Per Unit: $7.50
• Units Per Box: 18
• Brand: FlicWic
• Colors: 6 Black, 6 Red, 6 Green
• Length of Hemp Wick: 12" Per Unit

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