Juicy Jay's®

'Retail Display' Flavored Rolling Papers Classic 1¼ Size

78mm - Green Trip - 24 Count

SKU: 80-10188

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Juicy Jay's makes some of the most flavorful rolling papers available to be enjoyed with legal smoking herbs. This retail display contains 24 booklets.

Green Trip is a menthol flavored paper, and Juicy Jay's is known for infusing their papers with max flavor for an enjoyable smoke. 

Juicy papers have a watermark that prevents runs and tears to provide a smooth burn. Each paper can be closed with a natural sugar gumline.

Order wholesale today to offer these Juicy Green Trip menthol papers to your smoke shop or dispensary customers!

  • Brand: Juicy Jay's
  • Flavor: Green Trip
  • Size: 1 1/4"
  • 24 Booklets per display case

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