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'Retail Display' Natural Leaf Slim Rolls Blunt Wraps

100mm - Magic Mint - 20 Count

SKU: 80-30094

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This King Palm Magic Mint Slim Rolls display comes with 20 pouches containing 2 Mini Size pre-rolls in each. Each individual Mini Size roll has a capacity of up to 1 gram.

These counter displays are a great value for you, give your customers a little taste of King Palm Wraps to keep them wanting more. Add a pouch to any dry herb or lighter sale! Activate flavor by squeezing and popping the corn husk filter.

One box contains 20 packs; each pack includes two slim rolls with a built-in corn husk filter and a packing stick. Activate flavor by squeezing and popping the corn husk filter.


  • 20 Pouches Display
  • 2 Slims Pre-Rolls per Pouch
  • Paper Length: 100mm
  • Paper Diameter: 10mm
  • Paper Color: Natural Green Leaf
  • Packing Stick
  • 100% Real Palm Leaf
  • Organic, Non-GMO Corn Husk Filter
  • Tobacco & Chemical Free

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