King Palm™

'Retail Display' Natural Leaf Slim Rolls Blunt Wraps

100mm - Watermelon Wave - 20 Count

SKU: 80-30095

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This retail display of King Palm Watermelon Wave Slim Rolls contains twenty individual 2-packs. King Palm popularized the original palm blunt and produces the best slow burning natural leaf in the industry.

The leaves used are handpicked from the flowering tree of the Cordia family. Each leaf is hand-rolled with a pre-installed natural corn husk filter. King Palm wraps are tobacco free and all natural with a shelf life of 1 year thanks to their cleaning and packaging process that removes impurities and debris.

One retail display box contains 20 packs; each pack includes two slim rolls with a built-in corn husk filter and a packing stick. Activate flavor by squeezing and popping the corn husk filter.


  • 20 Count Pouch Display
  • 2 Slim Pre-Rolls per Pouch
  • Packing Stick
  • Leaf Length: 100mm
  • Leaf Diameter: 10mm
  • Leaf Color: Natural Green Leaf
  • 100% Real Palm Leaf
  • Organic, Non-GMO Corn Husk Filter
  • Tobacco & Chemical Free

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