Diamond Knot Loop Quartz Banger w/ Carb Cap - 14mm Female - Clear

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The revolutionary new Diamond Knot Loop Quartz Banger will be the most effective quartz banger you’ve ever owned. Never waste concentrate or lose flavor again with the ingenious recycler loop design, premium Diamond Knot, and customized carb cap. Once you’ve vaporized your concentrate in the Diamond Knot, the excess oil slides down through the loop of the quartz banger and back up to the Diamond Knot after use with the carb cap. The set works brilliantly together, as the Diamond Knot keeps a consistent low temperature while retaining heat with help from the walls of the quartz banger. Once the oil has fallen to the bottom of the loop, bring it back up again by plugging the Diamond Knot and quartz banger with the special carb cap. A simple yet effective concept, you’ll be able to double or triple your concentrate usage while also enjoying the most flavorful vapor. This 14mm Female design is made to fit with a 14mm Male joint and includes a premium Diamond Knot and customized carb cap.

  • Size: Loop 14mm - Female
  • Material: Quartz
  • Includes: Diamond Knot and carb cap

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