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Manual Injector Packing Machine


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This Manual Injector Machine is great for personal use. It has a length of 8", a width of 6.5", and a height of 3.75". Both the interior and exterior are made of metal and plastic. 

This machine can pack the perfect joint. The user starts off by selecting the size of joint they want to roll: regular, king size, or 100mm long. They then slide the cigarette tube over the nozzle. The chute is filled with ground-up flower. The lever is then pulled toward the user and returned to its original position. When the cigarette tube is removed it will be filled with the ground-up flower that was placed in the chute. Viola! Presto! A nicely packed joint ready to smoke. Detailed instructions with pictures are included with this machine, they are easy to follow and the device itself is very easy to use. 

This is a very handy machine for the person who doesn't want to spend too much time hand-rolling joints, or for the person that doesn't know how to roll. This device makes the whole process of rolling easy and stress-free. 

The Manual Injector Packing Machine is ideal for dispensaries looking to roll joints for their customers but is also a great item for home use. Purchase wholesale today and reclaim the manufacturing process for your personal and professional needs while saving money at the same time. 

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