Monkey Dong Synthetic Urine - Black

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The Monkey Dong is a synthetic urine kit that includes a high-quality, life-like strap-on dispenser. The dispenser comes in 6 different colors to match any skin tone and using it is simple! First, you'll need to prepare the synthetic urine and keep it warm with a heating pack, once you're ready to dispense the urine, open the safety valve and squeeze the tip of the strap-on to release the urine. The safety valve is silent, and the dispensing action looks natural allowing for discreet and covert use. These features make Monkey Dong look ordinary and inconspicuous. • Brand: Serious Monkey Bizzness • Volume: 3.5 fl. oz. of Synthetic Urine • Contains: Strap-on, elastic belt, 4 organic heating packs, dehydrated synthetic urine, syringe & complete instructions • Male Compatible • Color: Black

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