'Retail Display' PIPER Silicone & Glass Hand Pipe Chillums

4" - Silicone - 12 Count

SKU: 10-30470

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Order a case of OOZE's silicone and borosilicate glass handpipe and chillum combo in assorted colors to offer to your customers who are on the go and need a sturdy, drop resistant pocketsized piece.

A lanyard is included to keep the pipe stored hands-free if a pocket or bag isn't available for use. When fully assembled, the PIPER is a hand pipe with a glass bowl and silicone chamber. Remove the end piece bowl to create a chillum for even more sneaky tokes. 

This piece can be disassembled completely for easy cleaning and is made from food grade silicone and high quality borosilicate glass.

Order today to offer this hybrid piece to your smoke shop and dispensary customers!

  • Brand: OOZE
  • Line: PIPER
  • Color: Assorted
  • Hand Pipe
  • Chillum
  • Lanyard

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