Pure Glass® Water Pipe

20" Kraken 3-Tree 10-Arm Percolator


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RELEASE THE KRAKEN!... in the form of a 20" water pipe by Pure Glass®. This piece is no joke. The height of both the water chamber and body of this water pipe each measure 5.5". The uptake chamber measures 9" in height. The diameter of the water chamber's base is 6.5"--it can hold plenty of water. The downstem is 6.5" long and diffused, meaning that there are little slits in the bottom of the downstem that are going to draw the smoke through in order to be filtered out by the water. This piece is made from borosilicate glass, a highly durable glass that can endure high heat temperatures without cracking or breaking. 

The smoke is going to travel through three separate chambers: the first is the water reservoir where all the contaminants will be left behind once filtered out by the water. The second area that the smoke passes through is the body of the water pipe where the 10-armed tree percolators are located. Smoke passing through this area has already been cleansed but will further cool down as it passes over the cool touch of the glass. Lastly, the smoke will travel through the uptake chamber, into the user's lungs. By the time the smoke reaches the lungs, the hit will be clean and cooled down--this means that no tar or other harmful byproducts enter into the lungs. Furthermore, being that the hit is cooled down, the lungs don't have to endure intense heat from the smoke. An added feature of the uptake chamber is two large ice pokes. When ice is added to the neck of this water pipe, the ice pokes keep the ice in place. As the smoke passes through the ice, it is cooled down even more.

Not only is this a beautiful piece but all of its inner workings provide the user with a safer hit that will not be as harsh on the lungs. 

This is such an amazing piece that is stylish while maintaining its practicality. This water pipe would look good inside of any dispensary's display case. This is such a great conversational piece that can be passed around and used in order to produce cool, clean highs. The Kraken Water Pipe makes an impressive addition to any coffee table or furniture piece turning it into the primary focal point of the room.  


  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Diameter: 50.5mm
  • Joint: 18mm Female
  • Base: Beaker
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass

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