Fixed Beaker Water Pipe

18" - 19mm - Black & White Logo

SKU: 10-20411

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ROOR is considered by many to be the highest-quality brand of German-made waterpipes available on the market. ROOR only employs the most skilled glassblowers, and their perfection is evident in the flawless design of each piece.

This ROOR Tech 18” stemless fixed beaker was redesigned in 2017 to allow a new look for the ROOR Tech line. ROOR Tech took that original
ROOR 18” beaker with the lower percolator similar to the original ROOR Beaker body with slits on the bottom for maximum airflow and percolation.

• ROOR Tech Fixed 18" Beaker
• 18.8mm ROOR Tech Bowl
• ROOR Box
• Authentication Seal *Attached to Tube, not pictured

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