RooR® Tech

14" Stemless Fixed Slugger Waterpipe

Milky & Mint, Black Logo

SKU: 10-20386

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ROOR 14” Tech Micro Slugger Waterpipes are a standard for smokers and collectors. The ROOR Waterpipe has been scientifically proportioned to make each use an easier pull with more diffusion and provides more smoke per draw.

To ensure a perfect hit each time this piece is used, every downstem and percolator is hand measured and cut to each individual piece.

• 14” Straight Waterpipe
• Base Diameter: 4.5"
• Color: Milky & Mint, Black Logo
• Reinforced 14mm female joint
• Medium size funnel bowl
• Fixed Perc
• ROOR Box
• Authentication Seal

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