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This carb cap is made of glass. It is 2½" tall. 

This cap is red and has been designed with green, yellow, and white raked patterns on the bulb portion of the cap. The top of the carb cap swirls these colors around. The bottom portion of the cap is going to rest comfortably in the nail of the dab rig. The top of the cap is long enough that the user will be able to safely handle the piece while in use. 

The purpose of the carb cap is to control airflow and pressure within the nail. This is achieved through the small opening in the top of the cap which allows the user to easily inhale without having to use excessive force. This change in suction lowers the air pressure which in turn will also modify the way the concentrate vaporizes. With the air pressure lowered, the boiling point of the concentrate is reduced. 

Dabbing at a lower temperature has its benefits: one is able to prolong the life of their dabbing equipment, the flavor of the concentrate is preserved, high heat is not going to destroy any of the mind-altering properties, and the intense heat won't damage your lungs. 

This carb cap is an interesting piece. It's compact which makes it easy to store. This piece would look great among other carb caps in a lit-up display case. This is a great and inexpensive impulse buy for anyone looking to add a bit of character to their dab rig. 


  • Height: 2½"
  • Diameter: 30mm
  • Material: Glass
  • Color: Red, Yellow, Green, White

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