Volcano - Balloon Replacement Bag

SKU: VAP-01156
To ensure a flavorful and efficient experience, Volcano Vaporizer Balloon Bags should be replaced after 50-100 uses. Volcano Vaporizer Balloon Replacement Bags measure 3 meters by 31 centimeters or just less than 10 feet by 1 foot. This makes it really convenient to choose the length of your Replacement Bags. The Volcano Vaporizer Balloon Replacement Bags allow your favorite aromatherapy blends to remain fresh for up to 8 hours.

• Length: 10 feet/3 meters
• Create: 5 standard Balloons (2 feet/60 cm)
• Material: Highly pure, robust and seamless polyester.
• Heat-resistant, food safe and odor-free.

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