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Bio Hazard Inc is the one-stop shop for all your Wholesale Smoke Shop, Wholesale Dispensary Supplies and Cannabis packaging needs. Whether you need premium Glass Pipes, Mylar Bags, or Cannabis lab Supplies, we have hundreds of sought-after products for you to choose from.


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Bio Hazard Inc.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Bio Hazard Inc. respects its roots and the people to whom we distribute. Since our inception in 2007, we’ve become one of the nation’s largest distributors of marijuana packaging, pipes, distillation and extraction equipment, and other consumption accessories.
We’ve succeeded because we always put our customers first. By providing the best prices up-front and the most reliable customer service post-sale, our customers trust us.
We simply believe that we do well when they do well, and we operate under that assumption. 


We built Bio Hazard Inc. with the end result focused on what drives sells for our customers.
We source the best glass from fairly-paid artists. We create unique and eye-catching packaging to attract your ideal customer. We find the best extraction laboratory equipment and bring it to our customers. It’s no secret that the best products placed in the most attractive packaging are what sell.
Our products are a product of our customers’ demands.


To enhance the cannabis consumer’s experience by providing high-quality products, premium packaging, and top-notch customer service. To demonstrate our values of caring, quality, and a customer-first mindset.
Our products are intended for tobacco use or legal use only. Check with your individual state for legality. You must be 18 years or older to browse this website and purchase products.

 Why buy from Bio Hazard?

  1. Customer service comes first at Bio Hazard Inc.
  2. We have more products than you could ever hope to source.
  3. Every product we offer is better than the next.
  4. No more broken gear on arrival.
  5. Our shipping trucks drive faster than others (they don’t for safety reasons, but it seems like they do because our shipping is so fast).
  6. Shop at home, whenever you want.
  7. Significant wholesale discounts.

 How do we do all this?

It all stems from our core mission: to be helpful and to provide value. We do it by offering the best products and unmatched customer service. As a result, our business has grown, and our customers have come along with us for more than a decade.

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