Biohazard strives to give its customers the lowest possible prices by matching competitors prices. Customers who provide Biohazard with a competitor’s invoice or current advertisement, no more than 30 days old, Biohazard will be eligible to receive a price match discount.

The invoice or advertisement provided should reflect prices for products that are substantially similar to those sold by Biohazard. Biohazard reserves the right to approve or deny price match discounts, or to provide free merchandise to customers in lieu of the price match discount at its sole discretion.

Items that are on sale or out of stock with our competitors will be rejected

Customers will take full responsibility of shipping cost no matter what. No Free Shipping on Price Beat Items.
To apply for the price match discount please contact our Customer Care team via email at Please indicate that you are submitting a competitor’s invoice or advertisement to receive the price match discount.
Biohazard reserves the right to limit, amend or revoke this offer at its discretion.

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