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You’re not 21 — stop making a mess of Grandma’s old coffee table every time you roll a joint. Biohazard’s array of rolling trays and accessories provide a classy and functional way to hand-roll your favorite herb and make clean-up a breeze. You know, like a grown-up.

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Weed out messes — and save your supply

It’s every smoker’s worst nightmare: Just when you’re getting ready to relax and roll a blunt, you fumble the bag and precious herb winds up on the floor. Our collection of rolling trays prevents the pain of picking debris out of sticky buds and saves your supply with a sturdy rolling surface, every time.

Stable surface

Snoop Dog might be able to magically roll joints in mid-air, but you’re likely to lose your bud by just trying to roll your joints on top of the flimsy magazine on your lap. Luckily, our rolling trays provide a stable work surface to catch any flowers that have fallen during the rolling process and allow you to roll joints just as you like.

Prevent waste

Accidentally dumping your herb supply wastes dollars and leads to chronic stress. Okay, we’re kidding about that last part, but losing cannabis to the floorboards and missing a smoke break to clean up the mess is no one’s definition of a good time. Forget the panic button, remember the rolling tray — maybe even one with a magnetic lid.

Express yourself

Our wide range of rolling trays comes in various sizes, features, and materials to match your ultimate smoking lifestyle. Choose rolling trays in an array of colors or express your style with trays spotlighting pop culture moments, unique independent art, and sophisticated aesthetics to elevate your high.

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Biohazard taps the talent of L.A.’s independent underground artists

This summer, Biohazard set out to highlight L.A.’s incredible underground art scene for a new series of exclusive rolling trays. Check out the video to meet the three selected artists and learn more about their work and what inspired their latest designs.

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How to choose the right type of rolling tray

At Biohazard, we offer an array of rolling trays to suit your smoking style, including standard, flat, rectangle trays with slightly raised edges — as well as rolling trays made of metal, wood, and even glass with an array of unique features. So, how do you know which tray is right for you? And what features are available to elevate your smoking sessions? We’re breaking down the pros and cons of different rolling trays and features to help you decide.

Metal rolling trays:

Metal trays are generally considered the best rolling trays for herb enthusiasts. Metal offers a sleek, light working surface, making it easy to scoop fallen herb into your joint or blunt.

Wooden rolling trays:

Wooden trays, like those made of bamboo, provide a sustainable rolling tray option for eco-minded folks.

Glass or ceramic rolling trays:

Rolling trays made of glass or ceramic offer a smooth working surface but can be a bit heavy for some users.

Plastic rolling trays:

Plastic rolling trays are often the most affordable option, but they are prone to cracking and have shorter longevity.

Consider special rolling tray features

If you have a bit of extra moola to spend on your rolling tray, spring for these additional features

✔️Magnetic lids to keep unfinished sessions protected and intact until your next smoking endeavor

✔️Open compartments and accouterments to hold joints, make space for your grinder, offer an ashtray, as well as extra storage for your flower supply

✔️Boxed rolling trays that can be easily transported for joint sessions or parties and unfold for use

Why Biohazard?

At Biohazard, we're committed to making your smoking experience as smooth as possible. That's why we offer a variety of rolling trays with magnetic lids so that you can keep all your rolling essentials in one place. And if you're running a smoke shop or organizing a party, check out our wholesale rolling trays for an unbeatable sale price.

Our products are top-notch, made with high-quality materials and attention to detail to make rolling up even easier. We have everything you need, from rolling papers to blank rolling trays. Wholesale purchases even qualify for free shipping!

And with our friendly customer service team, you can be sure you'll get extensive support throughout the buying process. Whether you have questions about a particular product or need assistance with bulk orders, our team is always here to guide you.

Check out our products today and discover why so many cannabis enthusiasts trust Biohazard for all their rolling needs.

What is a rolling tray?
A rolling tray, also known as a weed tray, is a must-have accessory for consumers looking to elevate their smoking experience. It's a flat surface designed to provide a clean and organized area for rolling your favorite herb. You can find rolling trays in various sizes, including ones perfect for travel. Some rolling trays also come with a magnetic lid, which is ideal for keeping your accessories like grinders and lighters close at hand.
Are rolling trays worth it?
Absolutely! Rolling trays are essential tools for any serious smoker. They keep your rolling setup clean and organized and help prevent any waste or mess. Plus, if you choose a rolling tray with lid-sealing capabilities or a magnetic rolling tray, you'll have a convenient place to store all your accessories while you smoke.
What is the best material for a rolling tray?
The best material for a rolling tray depends on your preferences and needs. A metal rolling tray is the way to go if you're looking for durability and easy cleaning. Wooden rolling trays provide a natural and stylish look that adds a touch of sophistication to your smoking ritual. And if you want a portable weed tray with magnetic lid features, a small plastic tray is a great option for its lightweight and on-the-go design.
What are the holes in a rolling tray for?
The holes in a rolling tray are key features that provide convenient storage for your rolling papers, filters, and other essential accessories. They're designed to keep everything organized and easily accessible while you roll. Some rolling trays also have grooves or ridges to hold your buds in place, making it easier to perfect your joint-rolling technique every time. Close your tray's magnetic lid, and you'll have everything you need in one convenient spot.
How deep should a rolling tray be?
That all depends on your preferences. Some prefer deeper trays to keep their herb contained, while others prefer shallower trays for easier access to rolling materials. Generally, a depth of around 1 inch should be good for most rolling needs.
What is the best size for a rolling tray?
The best size for a rolling tray really depends on your smoking setup. A small rolling tray might be all you need if you're just rolling up for yourself. But if you're smoking with others, you might want to purchase larger weed trays. Wholesale options exist for those that want to get a wide assortment of trays. Just think about what you need to store on it and where you plan to use it to determine the perfect size.
Which is better, a rolling tray with or without compartments?
That's totally up to you! A blank rolling tray with a magnetic lid and compartments can be super handy for keeping your rolling materials organized and within reach. But if you prefer more space to roll up your herb, a tray without compartments might be your style. Just remember, you'll need separate storage for your rolling materials.
Is a rolling tray easy to clean?
Absolutely! Most rolling trays are made of materials resistant to sticky residue and easy to wipe clean. Just grab a damp cloth or paper towel and quickly wipe it down. If you're in a hurry, some trays are even dishwasher-safe for added convenience.
How to use a rolling tray?
Rolling trays are super simple to use. Just lay your rolling materials on the tray, including your rolling papers, filters, and herb. Then, roll up your joint on the flat surface of your tray. Some trays even have grooves or ridges to help keep everything in place while you roll. When you're done, simply toss any waste and wipe down your tray with a damp cloth or paper towel.
Can I use a rolling tray for anything besides rolling up herb?
Yes. While rolling trays are designed for rolling up your herb, they can be super handy for all sorts of things. Use them to hold your smoking accessories, as a place to roll up tobacco, or even as a unique decorative piece for your home. The possibilities are endless!
What's the difference between rolling and regular trays?
Good question! Rolling trays are your personal assistant for smoking, with raised edges that keep everything contained and organized. On top of their convenience factor, rolling trays also add a touch of style to any smoke session. Regular trays, on the other hand, can be used for all sorts of things and might have different design features than a rolling tray. While many regular rollers prefer rolling trays, if you find a regular tray that works, that’s totally acceptable to use.

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