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BIO Glass | 'Stiletto' Cross Top Non-Printed Glass Filter Tips | Bulk Pack - Various SizesBIO Glass | 'Stiletto' Cross Top Non-Printed Glass Filter Tips | Bulk Pack - Various Sizes


Take it easy

We’re not blowing smoke. Our glass filter tips provide a smooth, cool, and effortless smoking experience — creating elevated sessions, again and again.

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No one likes to be passed a wet blunt. Our glass filter tips keep smoking sessions sanitary and fresh for all you “roll-your-own” fans, making it easier to indulge with friends.

Minimize waste

Unlike paper filters, our sturdy glass filter tips can be cleaned and reused again and again.

Get a grip

Our glass filter tips prevent singeing finger burns with an easy-to-grip handle to puff and pass.

Enjoy pure smoke

Maintain a steady, cooled airflow with every inhale, without catching debris in your teeth in the process.

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FAQs: Get the most of your glass filter tips
Streamline your smoking experience with these expert rolling tips.
How do I use a glass filter tip?
Whether you’re using pre-rolled cones, blunts, joints or cigarettes, using a glass filter tip is a super easy process. Whenever you’re ready to indulge, simply insert your joint or blunt inside the glass tip and ensure it has a snug fit to enjoy fuller inhalation and full flavor. Or for moderate or larger-sized hand-rolled blunts, position the glass filter tip inside your mouthpiece-side of the paper along with your favorite smoking blend — and roll it up together.
How do I clean a glass filter tip?
Clean your glass filter tips in three easy steps: 1) Grab a small bowl and fill it with hot water and Isopropyl alcohol until the accessory is fully submerged; 2) Allow the tip to soak for five minutes; 3) Shake gently to remove any debris and rinse with water. If resin remains, use a Qtip to wipe clean. Let it dry and return to packaging for safekeeping.
Why should I use a glass tip filter?
If you enjoy a sturdy grip and full flavor with smoother, fuller inhalation, glass filter tips are for you. Glass filter tips are both easy to clean and can be reused time and time again for maximum benefit. They are also the more sanitary choice when you’re sharing your favorite smoking blend with friends. Leave those wet blunts behind!
How do I extend the longevity of my glass filter tips?
With regular use, glass filter tips can last for years — all they need is a little tender love and care. To extend the longevity of your glass joint tips, these smoking accessories should be cleaned once a week and stored in a fall-proof container to minimize cracks or breakage.
Do glass tips for joints change the taste?
No, glass smoking tips don't change the taste in any way. Whether you use 8mm or 12mm glass tips, it’s the best way to filter out debris for a cleaner, smoother smoke. Just make sure you keep your smoke tips for blunts and joints clean. If your filter tips for blunts get clogged up with resin, it might affect the natural taste of your bud.
Are glass tip blunt and joint filters better than metal or paper ones?
Ultimately, it’s all a matter of personal preference. But if you hate soggy joints or blunt tips, we highly recommend investing in a glass filter. Some people might opt for metal filters because they're less likely to break if dropped. But if you want to add a little sophistication to your next smoking sesh, glass rolling tips are the way to go.
Where can I buy glass joint filters for my shop?
If you want top-quality glass filter tips designed for a smoother inhale, Biohazard is the one-stop shop for all your smoking needs. Whether you’re buying grinders, pipes, or rolling papers, we offer thousands of unique and high-quality products at competitive price points.

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