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What an interesting, albeit stressful, time to be a smoke and vape shop owner. As vaping grew in popularity over the years, it makes sense there was a rise in vape shops in America - stocking their shelves with various e-liquids, pre-filled carts (cartridges), and various vaping accessories.  In recent months, there’s been a drastic shift. With bans,health problems, and vape shops losing customers, the future of your business might seem very bleak. Biohazard Inc. is here to help. If your vaping store is losing sales and customers because of the bans and health scare, we can help you convert your vape shop into a lucrative smoke shop.

As a business owner affected by these government policies, it can be hard to figure out how to keep your business afloat. Though vape sales are going down, cannabis sales and consumption is still going steady here in the states. Recreational cannabis is on the rise, being legal in 11 states now (Welcome, Illinois!). That means, over the years people have been opening their minds and discovering the benefits of cannabis. It’s becoming more mainstream. There is a demand for cannabis glass and other smoking accessories. Lucky for you, Biohazard Inc has everything you need to restock those bare shelves and rebrand your shop! The first thing to do: get the best quality glass bongs, pipes, and dab rigs that are out there. It's important to carry a variety of glass brands in your shop because it allows you to reach customers of various tastes and price points in mind.

Cannabis Glass Brands for Your Smoke Shop

Pure Glass Inc.

Pure Glass is a Los Angeles-based glassblowing company, and they offer some of the most badass glass bongs you can find on the market. They strive to be innovative and provide the best smoking experience. The product to best summarizes this is the HydroGuard.A while back, Pure Glass made a clear water bottle bong that had a small jellyfish perc inside. Now, they came back with a revamped version. This time with a sleeve and new name. The sleeve is made from silicone and fits perfectly around the bong. The best part: it looks like a water bottle! This gives your customers the upper hand by being discreet wherever they toke. Another factor as to why you should go with Pure Glass, they make all their glass bongs and dab rigs from borosilicate glass. To put it simply, boro glass is a high-grade material that can withstand high amounts of temperature without cracking. You could take one of Pure’s bongs, place it in the freezer for a few hours, pull it out and immediately apply heat without damaging it. Though Pure Glass may be a little pricey, it's certainly justified in the quality of the product. Surely with good care, any bong or rig from these Southern California Glass Blowers can last a lifetime!


HydroGlass Guard

Bio Glass

Bio Glass is another glassblowing company located in the heart of Los Angeles, California. They have been in the game for some time now, since 2007. Well known for their Gas Mask symbol and “Bio” Logo, this company has been consistently making some quality cannabis glass. They always try to be edgy, different, and creative with glass bongs and dab rigs. Check out their Instagram for some of the coolest bong designs. One of my favorite bongs is the 9” Three Marble Bubble Bottom with Illuminati Glass. Place any of these bongs into a black light and you’ll see them in a whole new fashion! This is just one of the many unique glass bongs that Bio Glass has to offer, at a fair price, that will catch the interest of your customers.



Bent Glass

If you are a shop in a city saturated in pop culture, you may want to check out Bent Glass. This company, with its urban/city hip-hop style vibe, is unique because of their use of perc designs. Of course, they didn’t INVENT the styles they use in their pieces, but they have an innovative way of making them effective and stunning. Their use of the grid perc, for example, is effective. The design is sleek, simple, and functions phenomenally, allowing smoke to be pulled evenly and smoothly through. One-piece I’d recommend from them is not a bong but a bubbler. It’s their Double Ratchet/Grid bubbler. The bent neck, the stylish bowl placement, and the percs on this rig combine into a piece of art.



WPBE-06106 Double Ratchet Grid Perc from RYL Inc on Vimeo.


Another reputable glass company, that you may know, is Roor. Based in Germany, they have been a well-known brand for years. That is partially due to their use of Schott Glass, Schott being the manufacturing company. Schott is a world-renowned creator of glass and glass-ceramics that is also based in Germany. With that said, it makes sense that Roor would use only the best quality in their engineering of premium grade bongs. What makes this company unique, besides their manufacturing quality, is the way they label their products. On bongs and rigs, they’ll add the glassblower’s signature directly onto the piece during the creative process. Also, to help authenticate their products, they place a fancy black tag on them with a serial number. That number can be entered onto their website and checked for authenticity. Part of the reason they label their glass products meticulously, mainly water pipes, is because of the numerous fake products out on the market. Rest assured that whatever Roor/Roor Tech bongs you purchase from Biohazard Inc will be authentic, we’ve checked the tags on all of them and deal directly with the company in Germany. Check out our supply of Roor products. We have a variety of styles to choose from.


Smoke Shop Accessories for your Business

Every smoke shop has a good supply of products by the checkout stand, perfect for last-minute up-selling. Below are some items to display next to your register or checkout stand. Be sure to keep your displays unobstructed, clean, front and center. Most have these next to their Bic Lighters and rolling papers.


Small Pipes

         Lock n Load is a small company that is veteran-founded and also a supporter of Weed For Warriors Project, among other veteran-based cannabis groups. The company was founded by an army veteran that came back from overseas, suffering from PTSD. When introduced to cannabis, they realized how beneficial it could be for other vets and wanted to find a way to help. Thus, the brand was made.

            The Lock n Load 9mm Glass Chillum is a wonderful, small, glass pipe. It is by far THE best glass chillum you will find in regards to discretion and durability. Glass blunts are cool but this is the next level. Believe it or not, chillums have been around for centuries. Yes, centuries! Of course, the design has since evolved numerous times over. Chillums are great because they are portable, easy to clean, and cheap! However, what makes this glass chillum better than the rest is its ability to transport easily and keep your flower secured.

            It comes with a screw cap to put on the tip to help protect your flower from pesky pocket lint. It also helps reduce the smell after you’ve smoked. It isn’t smell proof, just greatly reduces the smell. This is important for consumers since legalization is still in its beginning stages in the United States. Stigmas are still in place that causes people to feel alienated because they use cannabis as medicine, for whatever ailment they’re experiencing. That is one of the reasons why I love Lock n Load. It's not about being sneaky or trying to encourage people to break the law, it's about allowing people to ease into the cannabis community and not draw attention to them. All in all, these are great to have on your register counter. It's not just a cool-looking apparatus but affordable too! Check them out.

            Lock n Load doesn’t just make glass chillums, they also make glass tips that are an excellent smoke shop accessory. They sell various sizes, and of course like the chillum, they are named after bullet sizes. They come in 9mm, .45mm, and .22mm. A great quality about these is not only the medical-grade glass they are made from but the reusability. There is sure to be a glass tip for any rolling needs, from king-size blunts to pinners.

Of course, no smoke shop is complete without grinders, papers, wraps,glass bong cleaners, and detox kits. For grinders, Chromium Crusher is our go-to brand because they are strong, have a smooth grind, and have great designs. It is best to carry several known brands of papers and wraps that your customers will recognize and enjoy.

When it comes to cleaning products, again we only offer the best. Though we have various brands, my favorite is the Klear Kryptonite. They offer cleaners for simple pieces, heady pieces, and also for cleaning dab pressing equipment. All you do is coat all the dirty areas you wish to clean, let it sit for 20-40 minutes depending on the amount of build-up, and rinse with warm water. That's it! I use it frequently because you are also able to reuse the liquid as long as it's not super dirty after the first use.

Lastly, the detox products we offer are a wise addition to your shop. We live in a day where, though cannabis is legal, people work jobs that drug test. We firmly believe, if someone is able to go home after a long day of work and have a few beers to relax, it's ok for them to go home and smoke cannabis for the same reasons.

From hair care products to cleansing drinks, you’ll see that we have something for everyone’s needs. These are sure to be hot-ticket items. Though cannabis may be legal in some states, not all of them protect employees and potential hires from keeping their jobs or applying for them. That is why we say its a must to have detox products in your shop.

Final Notes for your New Smoke Shop

In conclusion, we want to be able to help those vape shops affected by vaping regulations, retain customers and stay in business. That's why it's important to know what cannabis glass brands, smoking accessories, and other smoke shop products are relevant in 2022. Biohazard Inc. has everything you’d need to convert your vape shop into a smoke shop. We have familiar brands that are known highly in the cannabis culture.

If you are in Los Angeles, go to our Downtown location at 320 E 3rd Street, Suite A. If you live out of the area, you can go to our website and find everything from smoke shop supplies, and dispensary supplies, to custom packaging.

As this new year brings on these new obstacles for your vaping business, our company is here to help. Our prices are competitive, our quality is excellent, and our integrity is solid. We have everything you need to convert your vape store into the best smoke shop in 2022

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