Why should you be using Pop Top Dude tubes.

Keep safety in mind when you are packaging your product. These plastic clear child-resistant pre-roll cone tubes come in a case of 1000 pop-top joint tubes. They are cost-efficient storage solutions for pre-rolled cone joints and are designed to keep the high potency of your product longer. Keep your product beautifully packaged while also following state guidelines at the same time.   

Pop-top Dube tubes have a squeeze to open feature, so you know they were made with child safety in mind. Being simple, discreet 109mm plastic tubes, they’re ideal for cannabis dispensaries, and medical marijuana facilities. Your customers will be able to reuse them if they like to enjoy their pre-rolled cannabis in multiple seshes. 

This design allows for a 109mm cone shaped marijuana joint to fit perfectly in the container. Keep the cone in tack while traveling! Check them out here!

Black Pop top pre roll joint tubes wholesale  Clear Pop top pre roll joint tubes wholesale