Why You Should Be Using Pop Top Pre-Roll Tubes

Explore the versatility of our plastic child-resistant pre-roll cone tubes, tailor-made for your packaging needs. These convenient containers are not only ideal for blunts and wraps measuring 116mm or shorter but also offer endless customization possibilities to align with your brand identity.

Our pre-roll cone tubes are available in bulk quantities, with each case containing 1000 units, making them the perfect choice for high-volume production requirements. This not only streamlines your production process but also reduces costs, providing a cost-efficient storage solution that ensures the highest profit margin possible.

Safety is paramount, and our pop-top pre-roll tubes prioritize child safety. Featuring a squeeze-to-open mechanism, these tubes are intentionally designed with the well-being of children in mind, ensuring your compliance with state guidelines while keeping your product secure.

These discreet 109mm plastic tubes are an excellent fit for cannabis dispensaries and medical marijuana facilities. Their simplicity and understated design make them a perfect choice for maintaining a professional image. What's more, your customers will appreciate the reusable nature of these containers, allowing them to enjoy their pre-rolls over multiple sessions, all while promoting sustainability.

The thoughtful design of these tubes accommodates 109mm cone-shaped marijuana joints perfectly, ensuring that your cones remain safe during travel and storage. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your product's presentation and safety standards with our customizable pre-roll cone tubes.

Discover the perfect blend of safety, customization, and convenience right here!