A Guide to Marijuana Accessories

It’s said that when a person becomes a stoner, an angel gains its wings. We here at Biohazard don’t know if that’s true or not. However, we do know that if you’re beginning your adventure into the wonderful world of cannabis consumption, you will be surprised to know that there is no one way to enjoy marijuana. Please allow us to guide you down the rabbit hole into a world full of unique items that are sure to enhance your smoking experience. Here are some useful accessories that will change up the way you view smoking, as well as add some variety to your next smoke session: 




Grinders are an essential tool for a quality smoking experience. They take out the grunt work of separating and breaking up your flower by hand—the grinder does all the work, making prep time a breeze. Whether you enjoy smoking out of a bong or like going old-school and rolling a doobie, grinding your weed is going to allow you to evenly distribute the flower in your bowl or joint, so that it’s easy to smoke and there is no waste.  


Herb grinders come in the standard 2-piece which is going to finely grind up your flower so that it burns easily, producing plenty of smoke to be inhaled. Grinders also come in a 4-piece configuration that not only allows you to grind up your weed but offers a compartment for storage and an area that will catch the tiny particles of marijuana dust called pollen that can be enjoyed at a later time of your choosing.  


Rolling Trays 

So, you’ve grounded up all that precious marijuana into easily smokable, tokeable shreds. Now all you need is a workable area where you can roll your fatty or blunt without having to worry about losing any excess herb—this is where a rolling tray will help you out exponentially. Your rolling tray keeps all your ground-up buds contained in one place, ready for you to roll till your little heart’s content, or you’re satisfied with the number of joints and/or blunts that you have rolled. In this case, it’s time to get your puff on. It’s important to note that some rolling trays are built with several compartments that can hold your lighter, papers, and even grinder.  


Ash Catchers 


The ash catcher is a fantastic accessory to add to your trusty water pipe. They have two major functions: keep your bong free of ashy debris, as well as add an additional layer of percolation that will filter contaminants out of the smoke while cooling it down so that the hit is not as harsh on your lungs. Ash catchers help keep your bong looking clean and new, which means that you won’t be spending as much time having to clean it—less time spent cleaning your bong means more time spent smoking from your bong.  




The ashtray is self-explanatory. This is where you’re going to flick away the ash from your joint or blunt. This is of course convenient because you won’t have to flick the ashes on the floor. Some ashtrays are heavy and made of glass. Some are made of silicone and able to withstand heat up to 600° Fahrenheit and have compartments built into them that can hold your various smoke supplies.  




If the joint of your bong allows you to add a downstem, you can add a bit of color and personality to your water pipe which will change up its look. Some downstems are diffused, meaning that they have tiny slits carved into them that aid in filtration. As you draw in a hit, the tiny slits pull ribbons of smoke through them that remove muck that would otherwise end up in your lungs and cools it down.  


Joint Adapters 


Joint adapters can alter the look and functions of your water pipe. It can change up the size of the joint and/or even change the sex of the bong. This is beneficial in that modifying the size or the sex of your bong allows you to use components that were not originally designed for it. You can turn your water pipe into a dab rig, or vice-versa. The possibilities aren’t endless but adding different functionality to your bong will make it more diverse and will allow you to get so much more use out of it.  




Changing up the bowl on your water pipe will allow you to personalize the look of your piece so that it’s more representative of who you are as a stoner and as a unique individual with distinctive tastes. Bowls come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Having a bevy of bowls to choose from is a great way to change up the look of your bong so that it matches your current mood or feelings. This shares a bit of who you are as an individual with those that you’re smoking with. It’s a great way to spark up a conversation during your smoke sessions so that you can get to know your fellow stoners better. This is what cannabis has always been about: relaxing and creating good vibes and good times among marijuana users.  


Domes & Quartz Bangers 


Perhaps you prefer concentrates to dry herb. If this is the case, domes and bangers are essential in the dabbing process. A dome is a spherical piece that, when used in conjunction with a nail, attaches to the joint of your water pipe and allows you to heat up concentrates that keep the vapors produced confined in the dome while you inhale them. The dome eliminates wasted vapors. 


Quartz bangers also allow you to heat up concentrates, though without the need of a nail. However, bangers don’t contain a dome, so those vapors need to be inhaled before they dissipate. Although, using a carb cap with a banger will allow the vapors to be contained in the bucket of the banger until you are ready to hit it.  


Carb Caps 


The carb cap serves several different purposes: it allows you to cover the top of your banger once you have dropped your dab into it, trapping the heat inside as your concentrates vaporize. Some carb caps include an airway that allows for a stream of fresh air to enter the banger, agitating the hot oils, spreading them around, and allowing them to be vaporized more efficiently. Carb caps lower the overall air pressure throughout your rig, including the surface that the dab is heated on. Lowering the pressure of your rig is going to lower the boiling point of the oils; this means that the concentrates will require less heat which will preserve their flavor.  


Torches & Clip Lighters 


A torch is necessary for heating up concentrates. A clip lighter is the heat source needed for burning dry herb.  


Although any lighter can be used to burn your buds, a clip lighter is convenient because it can be refilled with butane, as can a torch. Refilling your torch and lighter is going to save you money in the long run, and because you won’t be disposing of a bunch of plastic lighters, the earth will only thank you—go green! 


Cleaning Solutions 


Lastly, but not leastly, you’re going to want to keep your glassware clean and free of bacteria. For this reason, there are many different cleaning solutions available that will get rid of the residue that builds up in your preferred smoking device. Some cleaners require that you fill your glass piece with the solution and shake it around a bit to loosen up resin stuck to the walls of your bong or pipe. Other cleaners will have you soak the item in the cleaning agent for a few hours which loosens up all the grime. Either way, once the non-desirables have been removed by the cleaning solution, simply dispose of the soiled liquid.  


These are some of the accessories that are currently available for your smoking needs. These items can change the way you smoke, as well as the type of marijuana that you choose to enjoy.  


You’re a stoner. We’re stoners. Browse our collection of smoke supplies and fully embrace the 420 culture with us!