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Plastic Caps

28mm - Matte White - 126 Count

SKU: 70-40044

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The 28mm Matte White Plastic Child Resistant Cap is the matching cap for our 5mL glass Concentrate Jars.

This cap features a push-and-turn locking mechanism to keep your entire container child resistant.

The matte black cap also features a flat top for easy customization and a foil liner to protect the contents of your jar.

Jars sold separately.

Material: Plastic
Color: White
Surface Finish: Matte
Liner: Foil
Child Resistant: Yes
Inner Diameter: 28 mm
Thread Finish: 28-400
Height: 16 mm
Diameter: 35 mm
Labeling Diameter: 30 mm
Circumference: 110 mm (4 in.)

The labeling diameter refers to the usable amount of space on the top surface of a cap for a round sticker. Please note that if opening and closing instructions are included on a cap, the diameter is reduced so as to not obscure the debossed or embossed text.

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