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Clear Glass Concentrate Containers w/ Black Caps

5ml - 250 Count

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These 5mL Clear Round Glass Concentrate Containers come in a bulk case of 250 jars with 250 matching 26mm Black Plastic Ribbed Caps. Please note that this is an odd sized cap and this jar is not compatible with standard 24mm caps.

Glass concentrate cylindrical containers and concentrate jars are among some of the most popular choices within the cannabis industry, specifically among dispensaries specializing in concentrates, oils and waxes.

Made from high quality glass, these concentrate containers come with black screw top caps. Capacity wise, these 5ml jars can fit up to 1 gram of concentrate medication.

Material: Glass/Plastic
Color: Clear/Black
Volume (mL): 5 mL
Concentrate Capacity: 1 Gram
Dram: 1.35 Dram
Compatible Cap Size: n/a
Total Height (with Cap): 25 mm
Total Height (without Cap): 24 mm
Cap Height: 9 mm
Neck Height: 6.75 mm
Body Height: 16.75 mm
Outer Neck Diameter: 25 mm
Inner Neck Diameter: 17 mm
Base Diameter: 28 mm
Material Thickness: 2.25 mm
Outer Body Circumference: 92 mm (2½ in.)
Recommended Max Label Width: 90 mm
Recommended Max Label Height: 12 mm

It is recommended to label the caps of concentrate jars rather than the glass or plastic container portion. The dimensions above are included as a reference only, please measure your labels carefully to ensure they will fit onto your concentrate jars.

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