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Rolling paper sizes

Most smoke shops and dispensaries usually have a selection of quality rolling papers ranging in length from 70mm to 110mmm.

Rolling papers come in a several standard sizes:

  • Single wide (70mm x 36mm) is the standard size for rolling papers.
  • One and a quarter or  (78mm x 44mm) is the most common size, holding about 25% more flower than single wide papers.
  • One and a half or  (78mm x 60mm) is the same length as 1¼ papers and holds about 50% more flower than single wide papers.
  • 84mm (84mm x 44mm) provides extra length to the 1¼ paper.
  • Double wide (78mm x 88mm) is the same length as 1¼ and 1½ papers and holds twice the amount of flower as single wide papers, creating a thick and short joint.
  • King size (110mm x 54mm) is the largest standard size available, ideal for sharing with small groups.
  • King slim (110mm x 44mm) is about as long as king size papers and as thin as 1 ¼ papers, resulting in a long, thin roll.
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