Los Angeles-based Bio Hazard Inc., a leader in wholesale head shop smoke supplies, is dramatically increasing the breadth of its product offerings and building on its deserved reputation for quality products and excellent customer service.

The company, which was founded by Jason Go and incorporated in 2007, services a variety of customers, including head shops, smoke shops, glass-blowing facilities, and dispensaries. Most of the company’s revenue is generated by a pair of product categories: glass pipes and packaging solutions.

According to Jimmy Lee, Bio Hazard’s Operations Manager,
2015 was a big year for the company on several levels. “We increased our product lines by 50%, expanded our in-house manufacturing capabilities, and were able to offer all employees company sponsored healthcare plans.”

Standing out among a host of competitors is always a challenge for any company. Bio Hazard does it, Jimmy explains, by building both brand loyalty and the diversity of product offerings. The distributor’s newest product is its Bio Bag, “and it is free with select products. Our customers, business owners, will benefit since it will help them sell our items faster and keep the same profit margins. The end-users will benefit because they get the new innovative Bio Bag for free, and they will also have a convenient way to transport their glass or use it for a variety of purposes.”

In looking across the industry, Jimmy and his colleagues have discerned a number of trends that everyone involved in it should be aware of. Perhaps chief among them is that “continued legalization will spur the growth of our industry to unprecedented heights.” The numbers appear to bear out Jimmy’s assessment. According to a recent Gallup poll, 58% of American adults think marijuana should be legal, up from 51% a year ago, with just 40% believing it should remain illegal. More, the number of adults who said they’ve used marijuana sometime in the past year has doubled in the past decade, with 9.5% of adults in 2013 saying they’d used marijuana sometime in the past year, compared to 4.1% in 2001. Notable increases came among women, African-Americans, the middle aged, and those living in the South.

Innovation, Quality, Price
Bio Hazard is one of the nation’s largest distributors of water pipes, pipes, and accessories. Since being established, it has become a wholesale distributor of some of the best-selling, highest-demand items in the industry.

As the company explains to visitors to its web site, “We strive to stay innovative and maintain quality products at a minimal price. We know and believe that the products we provide are the essence of your business that will help bring in foot traffic and consistent sales to help your business grow. To provide customers with quality products and services, we pride ourselves with the fact that our glass blowers are hard working, innovative artists. Rest assured, your glass is always in good hands.”

The company’s strategy is to offer better pricing at the wholesale level, as well as a large, extensive inventory. Customers enjoy the convenience of shopping from anywhere, affording them the time to concentrate on their core businesses. Included in its selection of dispensary supplies are such items as pop top bottles, USA pop bottles, reversible cap vials, glass vials, childproof shoulder-less glass jars for concentrate, opaque color glass concentrate containers, hinged lid containers, joint and blunt tubes, glass jars, mylar smell-proof bags, prescription and exit bags, marijuana labels, baggies and scales. Among the smoke shop supplies it carries are pipes, rigs and accessories, concentrate dab tools, lighters and torches, vaporizers and electronic cigarettes, accessories, and rolling papers.

Some of the firm’s newest featured smoke shop and marijuana dispensary products that the company markets are:

• Bio Bags

• BioStix Chillums

• 16” Bio Double Grid Waterpipe

• 20” Bio Single Grid Dome Straight Waterpipe

• 17” Bio Tree Straight Waterpipe 29mm

Providing as many options for customers as possible has proven to be a strategy that works. Not surprisingly, says Jimmy, one of the firm’s major goals in 2016 and beyond is to increase the number of brands that it carries “and the types of products we offer...”

Jimmy says that his personal philosophy of business is to “keep finding ways to make the customer happy...” Bio Hazard’s corporate culture reflects this same basic, no-frills approach to business. As he points out, his team’s goal is “to keep things simple and keep moving forward...”

Through 2016 and beyond, it is a safe bet that Bio Hazard will, indeed, continue moving forward. 


Article Featured in B2B Magazine March 1st 2016

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