Many of you have seen the news over the weekend about a Wholesale Smoke Shop catching fire in Downtown Los Angeles. More than 240 firefighters risked their lives to put out the blaze. We want to thank all the brave people for their exhaustive efforts in saving not only our local business but the others within proximity of the fire.

Though our business was NOT responsible for the destruction, we are currently assessing damage and providing full cooperation with authorities to discover the cause of this tragedy. We want our customers and public to know that Biohazard Inc takes Health and Safety Protocol VERY seriously. Safety inspections are regularly scheduled, and we cannot emphasize enough the importance of our high standards throughout our company. While authorities continue to investigate, we want to let customers know that we are still operating and working on your orders.

We appreciate your continued patronage and want to give everyone the peace of mind that when you shop with us, you get the utmost quality in service and product. Until our downtown location can open again, please check out our online store to shop and place orders. If you have any questions about existing orders, please call our customer service team and they will happily help you. A big “Thank you!” again to all the first responders and firefighters for their coordinated efforts on this situation. Our hearts and prayers go out to the firefighters that have been hospitalized; we wish you a speedy recovery.

To the customers who frequently shop in our store. Please continue your shopping on our website. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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