What are pop tops?

Pop top bottles (or simply pop tops) are the ubiquitous child-resistant cannabis packaging container for dispensaries. No more are the days of storing flower in a small plastic sandwich bag! Featuring a simple, nondescript profile, pop tops allow dispensaries to discreetly package, store, and dispense cannabis flower, edibles, and concentrate.

To open a pop top bottle, simply squeeze the sides of the container to force the lid open. When the lid opens, you will hear that oddly satisfying “pop” sound. Just make sure you squeeze the bottle at the right spot, otherwise opening a pop top bottle will be an exercise in futility.

Pop top bottle options

Pop top bottles come in a number of sizes, colors, and opacity options. They range in size from as small as 6 dram/1 gram to as large as 90 dram/21 grams. Transparent/clear pop top bottles are ideal for dispensaries who seek to display their stored products, whereas opaque pop top bottles protect products from sunlight.

Benefits of using pop tops


Pop top bottles are incredibly lightweight, and they have a simple. nondescript profile. Pop top bottles are available in a variety of opaque color options. Combined with its odor proof capabilities, opaque pop top bottles are perfect for those who prefer to store and dispense their products with discretion.


The attached hinged lid provides an airtight seal to maintain freshness, contain odors, lengthen potency, and prevent spills and damage in transport.


Certified child-resistant pop top bottles are essential for dispensaries so that their storage solutions are compliant with state regulations to safely sell and distribute cannabis products.

Pop top bottles that meet ASTM standards follow a standard guide to ensure that the packaging of legal cannabis products prevents contamination and works to prevent unintentional or improper consumption.


The long, straight sides of a pop top bottle are suitable for automated labeling or printing direct, making it a perfect packaging solution for dispensaries.

Biohazard Inc.’s custom marijuana packaging service provides dispensaries with recognizable branding on a vast array of packaging products including pop top bottles.