BIO Glass

Dab Rig w/ Reactive Ratchet Grid Percolator

10" - 14mm - Clear

SKU: 10-40275

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This dab rig stands at 10" tall. It's made from borosilicate glass, a compound that is highly resistant to thermal expansion, meaning that it will not crack or break under intense heat. The nail is made from quartz, and like borosilicate glass, can also withstand high temperatures without being damaged. This is important because a torch will most likely be used to heat up the concentrate. The user can dab without worrying about putting too much stress on their rig.


NOTE: Because each piece is handblown, no two pieces are the same. Dimensions may slightly vary. 

    • Made In USA
    Brand: Bio Glass
    Colors: Clear
    Material: Borosilicate Glass
    Percolator: Grid
    Height Size: 10 Inches
    Joint Size: 14mm
    Joint Type: Female
    Downstem Size: N/A
    Diameter: 50mm
    Glass Thickness: 5mm

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