Humidity Control Packs

4g - 62% - 100 Count

SKU: 50-40103

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The Boveda Humidipak 4 Gram 62 Percent is the perfect solution for all of your herb humidification needs! Boveda’s patented one-of-a-kind technology will add and remove pure water vapor–as needed–to maintain the desired relative humidity printed on the front of the pack! Keep all of your herbs, whether being cured or ready to smoke, at the proper humidity levels. No need to activate, simply throw one of these packs in along with your herbs and you are ready to go! Boveda’s B62 is encased in the same sophisticated reverse-osmosis membrane as all of their other products, so your flower is still getting only 100% purified water vapor. Boveda recommends the 62% 4 Gram pack for preserving up to 14 grams of product.

  • 100 Units
  • Size: 2" x 2"

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