The Honey Bucket Quartz Bowl/Nail Combo

19mm - Clear

SKU: 50-30428

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This domeless nail, also known as the "honey bucket," is a great way to maximize your dabs and ultimately enhance your smoking experience. This bowl is unique in that it can accomplish two different smoking methods at the same time. Because the nail is attached to a swivel arm, it can either be used by itself for the sole purpose of dabbing, or it can be used in conjunction with the bowl to burn flower and concentrates simultaneously—mind blown.

Using the bucket’s swivel arm, remove it from the bowl. Place the desired amount of flower in the bowl. Heat up the bucket, which has a little slit in its back for smoke to travel through. Once the bucket is hot, use its swivel arm to place it back in the bowl atop of the flower. The heated bowl will ignite the herb. During this time the user can also place concentrates into the nail so that they are dabbing while they’re also smoking their flower—two birds, one stone as they say.

With this piece being exposed to such high temperatures, there is no need to worry that this bowl will overheat, cracking or breaking because it’s made of quartz—a highly durable compound that can withstand such stress.

This is an aesthetically pleasing-looking piece. Its design is ingenious. The fact that it has dual functionality is ideal for those who burn flower and concentrates: a must-have for every smoke shop.

  • Size: 19mm Male
  • Compatible with a 19mm Female Joint
  • Material: High-Grade Quartz
  • Style: Swivel Banger Bucket
  • Type: Domeless Dab Accessory

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